Love & Bossa Nova White Party

One more sensational Mistral Beach Club party is in the making… And it is our last party of the season, so you do not want to miss it. We are celebrating love, Bossa Nova, golden sunsets, and everything magical about late summer. Join us at the Love & Bossa Nova white party and wrap up the summer with style!

Love & Bossa Nova white party has been postponed due to the weather conditions. There’s no way we are skipping this one, so stay tuned for more information!

You can expect the usual dose of taste and glamour, mixed with good energy and passionate music. Our beloved sponsor Freixenet will make sure to get you warmed up for dancing! Enjoy the golden sun rays, taste, drink, dance all night, let yourself be seduced by the Mistral Beach Club! And wear something white to follow the dress code.

Passionate performers

Enjoy the most amazing lineup with top Croatian dancers from the famous TV show “Dancing with the Stars”, and the gorgeous voice of Marina Fernandez bringing you the sound of Bossa Nova. Magnificent performers from Angels of Croatia will show you how to move, how to relax, how to live life to the fullest.

Love & Bossa Nova party actress and singer Marina Fernandez
Marina’s smooth voice will enchant you

Marina Fernandez was born into music in Split – the prettiest pearl of the Adriatic. She grew up with music and got to know the world through music, until it naturally became a considerable part of her existence. She will take you on a journey through time and space – through jazz, medium swing, Bossa Nova, and contemporary sounds. Let yourself drown in her seductive voice smooth as velvet.

Love & Bossa Nova party dancer Gordan Vogleš
Gordan’s moves will inspire you to dance

Gordan Vogleš is a professional dancer, choreographer, and dancing judge. He has won numerous dancing championships in Croatia, thanks to his envious flexibility and natural talent. He has developed professionally and broadened up his dancing style abroad, as part of the “Fred Astaire” dancing franchise. Gordan has stood up for several seasons in the role of a mentor in the Croatian edition of the “Dancing with the Stars” show. This upcoming Friday, he will be at the Mistral Beach Club to bring your passion for dancing to life.

Love & Bossa Nova party dancer Gabriela Pilić
Gabriela’s passion will set you free

Gabriela Pilić is the most trophy-winning Croatian sports dancer. With her dance parter Ištvan Varga, Gabriela won 16 national championship titles in Latin-American and standard dances, as well as ten dances combination. She noted another win as a mentor on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”, winning the title of season 2019 winners in pair with Croatian actor Slavko Sobin. This speaks volumes of Gabriela’s versatility and excellence as a dancer. There is incredible emotion and passion in her live performances that you just have to see.

Seize the summer

Love & Bossa Nova white party flyer
Close the summer with style at the Love & Bossa Nova white party

Thank you for making this season a happy, exciting, and unforgettable time, a season full of magical moments…and we are still going strong! We hope to see all your familiar faces on this special evening. Check the video to feel the love at the Mistral Beach Club.

YouTube link of the Mistral Beach Club party video