Party of the Month – Beat the Heat

Just one day left to our very special Beat the Heat party at the Mistral Beach Club! It is time for you to find out just a few juicy details…

Summer Party at it’s best

Let’s start with the basics. You’re getting ready for a joyful summer night – but what to wear? Put your best tropical summer attire on, and the rest is simple – join us in the cozy beachy atmosphere of the Mistral Beach Club!

We have prepared lots of unique performances and special surprises for every single one of our guests, wishing to treat you to a wonderful journey through our party of the month evening.

Special guests

The details about our internationally recognized guest performers will have to stay safe with us until tomorrow, but we just can’t resist to tease your imagination a bit. So we will mention angels, acrobatic performances, gracious dancers, our lovely hostesses, sexy music, lots of happy beats, summery drinks, and delicious snacks. What more to wish for?

For this party exclusively, we are teaming up with Mareva Cigar Private Club from Split to bring you even more possibilities. Let yourself go and enjoy the evening of amazing experiences with the best crowd in the city!

Let go to the summer experience

Beat the Heat summer party starts tomorrow, 15th of July, at 3 PM. Make sure you don’t miss the start for some epic performances, and stretch the beach vibes into the night.

The entrance is free – come and join our party of the month at the Mistral Beach Club!

Check the video to feel the love at the Beat the Heat beach party by Mistral Beach Club.